Sunday, February 22, 2009

Seattle 2009

Long time no hear :-) It is already February and it is about time that I write about all the crazy things that happened in the past months. Let's do it.

Skiing trip in Big White (Canada)
With 17 other international students I went to Canada to ski for a weekend. To make the seven hours bus drive more enjoyable we were watching tons of Family guy, The Bank Job, Stepbrothers, What happens in Las Vegas and other highly rated movies. The snow up in Big White was amazing as you will see on the photos. It felt like in heaven.
Photos: Skiing in Big White

Bike Trip to Golden Garden Beach
Last Friday was such a beautiful day that my housemates Thomas, Moritz and me decided to go on a bike tour! The sunset was indescribably beautiful and I defintely would have loved to share it with some among you. But that's why you should check out the pictures. It was stunning!
Photos: Bike Trip to Golden Garden Beach

Photo sessions
Lately I really started to like taking photos. I collected some of the better shots and put it in an album for you guys. There won't be much pictures of me. The people in the pictures are Michael, James, Frida who are as well fascinated by photography. For one trip I borrowed a Canon Rebel XTI DSLR camera and I fell in love at first sight.
Photos: Photo sessions

Random things
See random every day shots from my life in Seattle. We had many dinners at home together and parties at friends places.
Photos: Random stuff

Internship for the summer
Currently I am looking for an internship in the summer. I had interviews with Google, Microsoft, and so far. For the nerds under you I want to share some of the technical questions that they asked me during the interviews:

  1. Given a huge file of integers that doesn't fit into main memory devise an algorithm to sort all the numbers.

  2. Given a directed acyclic graph represented in the form of an adjacency list, devise an algorithm that prints all the nodes such that the children are always printed before the parents.

  3. Devise an algorithm that detects a cycle in a linked list.

  4. Given an array of integers devise an algorithm that finds the maximum subarray. That means that the numbers in the contiguous subarray sum up to the maximum subsum.

  5. Given a string devise an algorithm that reports all palindromes contained in the string.

That's it for the moment! I hope to see you all soon! Visitors are always welcome.