Saturday, August 30, 2008

My first hat

I already wrote in my last post about Santa Barbara, well I stayed there for a little longer with my friend Arno who does an internship at Eiffel Software in Goleta (just next to Santa Barbara). So please check out the new pictures in the Santa Barbara album.

Shopping: Downtown Santa Barbara is awesome for shopping! The great thing is that they don't have a big mall there - it is more the European style of shopping where you have little boutiques on a street. I have found a store I adore: The Urban Outfitters. Check them out if you are in the US. So I got myself a hat here (You'll see it on the pictures); the first hat I have ever possessed :-D My mum will be so proud of me - I was never wearing hats or caps before but sometimes you simply fall in love! There is actually a t-shirt that I bought along with it: it has Tony the Tiger from the Kellog's Frosties on it. The color of the shirt is of course blue ;)

Surfing: Unfortunately there are no pictures that would proof my surfing experience! My secretary was out of office ;) ... so how is surfing if you are an amateur, meaning you never ever surfed before! Well you should probably go to a surfing course with a good teacher... I tried it the hard way and just got a surf board to try it out myself. Well Arno and Paul were along and they were of course already pro's at it: wait in the water orthogonal to the wave - paddle - paddle - paddle - PADDLE... and stand up! That's the way it works, and yes it worked several times!
So for the guys among you who know how to surf: I got this soft surf board without wetsuit! If you surf half a day with a soft board you will rub it all the time against your tummy, chest and breast - it hurts like hell - you look like a lobster and you really don't want anybody to touch your nipples (Insider: and especially not Svendsen!). But all in all it was so worth it; it is incredible when you feel that you ride the wave, the speed and the force of the water! Try it out by yourself even if it is only for a few hours. It is absolutely the greatest way to experience the force of the sea.

Sunset: That was one beautiful sunset there - don't want to say much about it, have a look at the pictures! There is just one problem with the sunset in Santa Barbara: the sun goes down behind the mountains so if you are lying at the beach you will miss the sun very early!

Dancing: Going out was a lot of fun in hip Santa Barbara, first of all it is important that there are a lot of young people (major source is the University of California there, girls are back in town!).  Secondly it is important to go to the right place: We went to the Wildcat! A great place to dance and meet people - they even have an outdoor patio and kick ass music. Oh, I forgot to mention the juicy dancers in the fishnet stockings. Incredibly great atmosphere there! I can't really remember but we got ourselves a stretch limo taxi to get home! That was awesom too (thanks Arno, ha ha): First time for me!

a thing you should know about the leftmost lane on freeways! On big freeways like the one I described in my last post you will find a car pool lane. Check out the video on youtube! You are only allowed to use this lane when there are at least two persons in your car. It's the first time you realize that there is almost nobody sharing his car! Everybody sits in his own car!

Las Vegas
Strange city in the middle of nowhere: A lot of entertainment, money, freaks and whores! The thing that was best in Las Vegas: Cirque du Soleil. I watched the Mystere show! It was absolutely AMAZING!! If you are in Vegas - watch one of those shows! Find the pictures of Las Vegas here!

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