Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Break in Mexico

From March 14th to March 29th I was in Mexico for my Spring Break. For two weeks of adventure I met up with various friends from Switzerland in Mexico City:

  • Philip (Johnny)

  • Yves (Stizzy)

  • Tobias (Tobster)

  • Alessandro (Sancho)

Vamos! What did I like about Mexico:

Amazing food always in reach (<5m)

I've never seen a country where it was possible to eat basically everywhere. Although you probably shouldn't eat just anywhere. Small food places seam all the streets in thousands. Mostly families that cook to survive and everybody is somehow involved in the cooking process. The babies play in the dirt on the street. The mother cooks next to the garbage, the daugther helps serving the food and the dad advertizes... family business.

Cactus Salad (Ensalada De Nopalitos)

Freshly sliced cactus, quickly cooked so it is still firm... absolutely tasty! If you go to Mexico you have to try it.

Tamarindo Candy

Little girls and boys sell it on the street in plastic bags. There are two versions, the sweet version and the one with chillie. You open the bag and take your finger to scoop the candy out. Fingerlicking good!


A churro is a dessert sold on the street. It is a long stick out of potato dough coverd in sugar. It is possible to fill them with chocolate or other delicious liquids.

I just noticed that I only wrote about food... of course there are the Mexican people which made my stay there extremely enjoyable. It was extremely easy to talk to them and the girls seemed to be interested in tall, white, blue-eyed guys. Interactions with people on markets, in night clubs, bars on the beach and just friends of Philip made this stay very unique. I could definitely build a solid base for my Spanish and hope to continue improving it. 

Already now I miss the vibe of the life in Mexico and think that I will definitely go again to explore the south east and learn about the Mayas. 

We checked out the following places. Click on the link to see the pictures, I added a description to each album:

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